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Wonder Women break Guinness World Record at the City2Surf

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

✦ City2Surf Heroes raise funds for charities

Keen and amateur runners alike convened in Australia’s largest city to take part in the world’s largest “fun run” on August 13.

In its 50+ year history, the Sydney City2Surf has become established as a standout occasion in the running calendar where, today, over 80,000 participants walk, jog and run the 14-kilometre (8.7 mile) scenic route from Hyde Park to the world-famous Bondi Beach.

While certain competitors take the run absolutely seriously, the emphasis is on fun and raising money for a range of worthy charities; although the first race was held in 1971, it wasn’t until 2008 that the charity fundraising aspect was included and a staggering $50 million has been raised since, finding its way to charities in need. As the City2Surf website itself states, “A city giving back has become the beating heart of this event”. This year's race pulled in more than $2.8 million for charities including Beyond Blue, RUOK, First Nations Foundation and Black Dog.

Maintaining the fun angle, many competitors consider it a worthwhile opportunity to gather up some mates to take on the challenge, often dressing up in a hilarious range of weird and wonderful fancy dress costumes to truly maximise the lighthearted charity theme – afterall, the more outrageous you look, surely the more fun you’ll have, right? Or at least others will have fun watching you! Some of the costume and impersonation highlights in recent years have included Wonder Woman, Super Mario, Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children in a push-chair, human hotdogs, dinosaurs, spacemen and characters from Sesame Street!

Support these Wonder Women to promote Brain Cancer Awareness

Sydneysiders Caroline Stevenson and Sarah Foley have participated in the City2Surf event an impressive five times. In a remarkable move to inspire others, Caroline and Sarah encouraged women to stand alongside them at City2Surf, donning the attire of Wonder Woman. This choice held a deeper symbolism, representing the unyielding strength of women who fulfill diverse roles as mothers, caregivers, professionals, and even warriors battling their health issues.

Caroline Stevenson and Sarah Langham organised the gathering of Wonder Women at City2Surf as featured in Brilliant-Online
Caroline Stevenson and Sarah Foley organised the gathering of Wonder Women at City2Surf. Photo credit: Sarah Foley

Sarah's personal journey added another layer of inspiration, as she faces her brain tumor with remarkable courage, starting chemotherapy tomorrow with an unwavering spirit that lights the way for others. Their motivation was not just personal achievement, but a genuine drive to raise awareness for brain cancer. Through their partnership with the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Caroline and Sarah showcased their commitment to effecting meaningful change.

An awe-inspiring assembly of 281 "Wonder Women" converged at City2Surf, etching their names into history by setting a Guinness World Record for the largest group of people dressed as Wonder Woman in one gathering. Beyond the records, their united front radiated camaraderie, leaving an indelible mark on the event's legacy.

Wonder Women raised about $14,000 for Cure For Brain Cancer Foundation and contributed about $29,000 for charity in total.

Jade Hartas and Cherie Coen were at City2Surf dressed as Wonder Women, despite the distance from Port Macquarie, embodying the far-reaching influence of inspiration. Their dedication to the cause translated into completing the race in 2 hours and 42 minutes, demonstrating the tangible results of determination and support.

Other Heroes

Armidale resident Keith Robinson, aka “KR Kiltman” is fundraising to help PCYC NSW run Life Changing youth programs. Keith wore his full Scottish Highland attire of kilt, shirt, tie, jacket, sporran, etc. Cheer him on and donate.

City2Surf Charity Superstar |Brilliant-Online

Sydney is a beautiful city and the race takes in much of the splendour of the famed eastern suburbs. It officially started at the corner of Park Street and College Street near Hyde Park on the fringes of Sydney’s CBD before heading up to King’s Cross (ok, admittedly maybe not one of the more beautiful areas of the city!). However, once through “The Cross” competitors enter into more picturesque environs through Rushcutters Bay, Double Bay and Rose Bay then over to Vaucluse, along the coast and breath-taking ocean views through Dover Heights before hitting the finish line at Bondi Beach. One note of caution however – the section from Rose Bay to Vaucluse may offer stunning views but it is also known as “Heartbreak Hill” due to the punishing incline along New South Head Road!

City2Surf Sydney  |Brilliant-Online

Competitors are staggered into four different starting “waves” meaning those eager beavers and running ethusiasts looking to set an impressive time will set off at the front of the pack, with the waves decreasing accordingly based on longer completion times and ranked by colour – pink, blue, yellow and orange. The City2Surf website describes the orange class thus: “Everyone knows the back of the pack is where the party is at! This group is for EVERYONE! Whether you're a jogger, fun group, family, disco partier, walker, pushed wheelchair or a runner with a pram!” Irrespective of whichever wave, competitors will congregate at the finish and enjoy the ensuing celebrations in local cafes, pubs and so forth, regaling personal tales of their respective race and savouring a truly unique experience.

The City2Surf is a fantastic fun occasion which ultimately helps a wide range of good causes. You can find out more information, specially on how to donate, here.


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