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Willing & Able’s Linen Drive will reduce the impact of textile waste

✦ Over the past nine months Willing & Able have been encouraging residents to recycle clothing and linen through their ReuseAbility initiative.

Australia produces around 76 million tonnes of waste every year, a number that is increasing. (Source: Waste Account, Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Willing & Able mentioned on their Facebook page that Australians purchase an average of 27kg of clothing and discard 23kg every year. Only 7% is recycled. That's a lot of waste.

Thus their initiative "ReuseAbility" which aims to reduce the impact of textile waste and divert 120 tonnes of waste from landfill. Willing & Able has diverted over 42 tonnes of waste from landfill so far but want to achieve even more!

Willing & Able ReuseAbility initiative as featured in Brilliant-Online
Willing & Able is calling on the community to donate linen

This November Willing & Able is calling on the community to donate linen – whether good for reuse or rags – to help them keep our beautiful region’s landfill free from textile waste and to provide meaningful paid employment for adults with disabilities.

You can donate towels, tea towels, sheets, duvet covers, pillow slips, hand towels, face washers and tea towels. They must be clean, although they can have some small holes in them and even a few stains as they will be cut up and used for rags.

"Clothing and linen are processed onsite by reselling quality items through its Op Shop and recycling other materials into rags for sale," Linda Elbourne from Willing and Able told us.

Donating is easy

  1. Drop your items at the following drop off points

Three fantastic local clubs have partnered with Willing & Able to be drop off points for the month of November:

Port City Bowling Club

4 Owen St, Port Macquarie

Hours: Donate 7 days from 9:00am till late

Laurieton Services Club

2 Seymour St, Laurieton

Hours: Donate 7 days from 10:00am – 10pm

Wauchope Country Club

24 King St, Wauchope

Hours: Donate 7 days from 10:00am – 11pm

Wauchope Farmers Market on 26 November.

Bring your donations and say hi. You can also buy a bag of rags for all those household chores and further help Willing & Able keep textile waste out of landfill.

If you are a workplace or business and would like to do your own linen drive to help Willing & Able and the planet, please email


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