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What is a Mooncake?

✦ This is not some gastronomical delicacy straight from a science fiction novel. It's a delicious little pastry eaten during the Mid Autumn Festival which is celebrated on 29th September this year!

You may have seen these pretty little round cakes in some bakeries or stores during this time of the year. They are about 2 to 4 inches in diameter and have a thickness of about 2 inches. It is covered on the outside with pastry skin and it has a dense, sweet filling.

These are called mooncakes and they are a typical sweet treat eaten during the Mid Autumn Festival which falls on 29th September this year.

To learn more about the origins of this festival, go to our Brilliant blog:

Mooncakes, Photo: Huong Ho, Unsplash | Brilliant Online
Mooncakes with delicious filling and salted egg yolk

Families and friends gather together in the evenings to admire the beautiful harvest moon in all its fullness while partaking of dainty slices of mooncakes served with Chinese tea to wash down the heaviness of the pastry and filling.

For chefs with artistic tendencies, take note that mooncakes are typically round. You may find some squarish ones here and there, but when you know the reason behind the roundness you'll understand why. The circle is a symbol of wholeness and togetherness in Chinese culture. Just like the full moon, these circular symbols represent prosperity and reunion for the whole family. It is also a popular gift to share with friends and family as a way of spreading the good wishes and prosperity.

Mooncake Recipe

Check out our Brilliant blog to learn how to make a beautiful Blue Snow Skin Mooncake, courtesy of My Blue Tea.

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How will you celebrate this Mid Autumn Festival?

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Full moon at night, Photo: Sam, Unsplash | Brilliant Online


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