The Unexpected Joy Hiding in Your Business Numbers

Updated: Oct 13

No, that isn’t a typo. I’m here to tell you that joy CAN in fact be found in the clarity of your business finances.

Now, it might seem like a long bow to draw. Most of us struggle to relate to our financial facts and figures with anything higher than mild interest (frustration or outright terror is more common).

But my philosophy is quite far removed from your average accountant. Which is why this talk of ‘joy’ probably hasn’t come up for you in your regular chats with your finance team.

Yet. (*sly wink*)

For a long time, I’ve found it to be a great injustice that we force ourselves to divorce our feelings from our finances, when we assign so much of our self worth and success to figures in an account (not that we should, but that’s a rant for another day). Our numbers are often an endless emotional rollercoaster: investment decisions make us nervous, big sales make us excited, lean months make us tense.

Think about it: why is it socially unacceptable to ask someone how much money they make?

Because it’s personal

So rather than drop kicking your Xero login at a bookkeeper as fast as possible and mentally checking out in an attempt to save your sanity, I would argue that making your numbers your personal business is the pathway forward here.

In this way, we can start to experience the true joy that comes from clarity, organisation and understanding. Not only that, we can then find ourselves leading our team of financial support staff with confidence (rather than handing them the wheel and hoping they know how to drive this thing).

Still not convinced? Let’s set aside our usual thought processes around numbers for a moment. I want you to consider the following questions as a more holistic ‘step 1’ to finding this hidden financial joy.

Set aside your usual thought processes, Liz Jarvis, Better Business Decisions as featured in Brilliant-Online Magazine Taree

How does it feel to be sure of yourself?

We all have something we can easily turn our expertise to - that ‘thing’ we can do with our eyes closed. Yours may likely be closely linked to the enterprise you’ve created.

Take a moment to consider the feeling that task evokes in you, when you’re in a high state of flow and results come easily to you. You can go from nothing to something with relative ease, you know the process like the back of your hand and it brings great satisfaction when it’s complete.

Now imagine if you felt the same way about your finances.

What if that feeling of surety, that complete faith in your thoughts and actions to create the results you seek, rose to the surface when you reflected on the financial data in your business. When we take the time to check our own work, educate ourselves and put obscure financial concepts in context, we have the ability to replicate that genius zone feeling (and likely replicate the same high level of outcome, too).

Master your money in your business, Liz Jarvis, Better Business Decisions as featured in Brilliant-Online Magazine Taree

How does it feel to master the unmasterable?

Similarly to the above, have you ever been struggling to surpass a hurdle and then felt that rush of relief when you hit your breakthrough?

This may have been as you were honing your professional skills, you may experience this in the sporting arena, perhaps learning to play an instrument or even an achievement within your industry or field. We’ve all experienced the notion of rising to a challenge, knowing that what we learn in the struggle makes the success all the more sweet.

This same sweetness can be achieved in the mastering of your money within your business.