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Running for Friends of Mrs York's Garden!

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

✦ Running for a Garden.

On Friday 3rd February at 6 pm, Ultra Trail Running Coach Rob Lloyd laced up his trusty running shoes to raise funds for Mrs York’s Garden (MYG).

RunFest Port Macquarie Running Festival Director Kevin Chilvers had put out the challenge to Rob as a training option for this season’s running events, offering to donate $10 per lap to MYG. The challenge was to run for 24 hours around a 1.6 km Town Beach-MYG loop. Rob went beyond merely running the laps to set up a Go Fund Me page to add to the fundraising options for his efforts.

The good news is, on Sunday night, they hit the original target of $2000! The page is still open, so if anyone is inspired to donate, you can still do so.

Friends of Mrs York’s Garden President, Di Davison described Rob as a legend and said the group very much appreciated the initiative by Kevin and the enthusiasm and determination with which Rob had taken it up.

Friend’s of Mrs York Garden (FMYG) provide over 20 course marshals for Run Fest Port Macquarie 2023 as featured in Brilliant-Online

Help make Mrs York's Garden continue to grow by donating.

Rob pushed himself to the limit in very trying conditions of high humidity and heat to complete the 24 hours, with 83 laps/ 133.3 kms completed. Rob described it as a real sweatfest and noted “that even though it got less humid on Saturday, it was still hot and made it an even greater challenge to keep the laps consistent.” Hydration was a big concern in these conditions and showed how important management and crew support is in these big runs.

Rob was supported by the Run Port Mac (who offer the opportunity for those of all abilities to be part of a group that just gets people moving, whatever your level), in particular Crew Chief Cliff Hoeft who went beyond in supporting Rob through the challenge. Rob also appreciated the support of many others who joined him for a lap or two and who helped him to pace the run.

As if the weather was not enough of a hurdle, Rob had a close encounter with a red belly black snake! It did give him an unnecessary surprise!

Despite all of this Rob says he enjoyed the MYG Ultra and realises the benefits this training run will have for his upcoming running season. “Having this tough run under my belt will be invaluable down the track” he said.

A garden for the community

Nestled on the foreshore of Port Macquarie, Mrs York's Garden is for everyone. Friends of Mrs York's Garden volunteers continue to enhance the natural environment for the use and enjoyment of the community. Much has been done in this garden, with stunning views of the river and coastline, beautiful native gardens, viewing platforms, all-ability boardwalks and pathways between the shelters, seating, a dementia-friendly sensory Garden, indigenous totem public art and additional signage for people to enjoy for education, exercise, relaxation and solace. It is a space that has again become a place of enjoyment for locals and visitors.

Learn more about how Mrs York's Garden came about.

Just keep running!

There is a run for everyone, whether it's for those who want to run in a team, push their limits and go the extra mile, have a light run, support the Indigenous Marathon Foundation or have a little trot with their children, it's a great event to take part in!

So put on your running shoes and start training!

The Port Macquarie Run Fest is on 4th and 5th March 2023 as featured in Brilliant-Online

For further information or discussion of fundraising opportunities, contact:

Dianne Davison (Community Contact)

Ph: 0439 853 835


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