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Royal Art Exhibition, a Lasiandra Festival Event

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

✦ Wauchope Creative Hub is proud to host the second year of the annual Lasiandra Festival art prize and exhibition as part of the festivities of the annual celebration of all things purple in Wauchope.

The theme for this years Lasiandra Festival art prize is “Royale” and with purple being the colour of royalty there are so many things that you can take your inspiration from, from corgis to crown of thorn starfish, princesses to monarch butterflies or Marie Antoinette, let your imagination go wild. Entries close Friday 10th March.

Wauchope Creative Hub is a collective of local art and craft
An eclectic mix of local, art and craft - Wauchope Creative Hub

Pop into The Hub on Saturday 25th March for the prize ceremony and see the winning artworks which will be announced at 2pm. The top awards will be presented by Tim Walker from Hastings Co-op - a big thanks to Hastings co-op for generously providing the prizes.

Wauchope Creative Hub - the community’s heart of arts and craft

This year's Lasiandra Festival art prize and exhibition will have an amazing range of artists from our local community with sculpture, embroidery, watercolour, oil painting, acrylic painting, fibre art, collage and much more.

2023 Lasiandra Festival Art Exhibition and Prize as featured in Brilliant-Online
2023 Lasiandra Festival Art Exhibition and Prize

The exhibition runs from Monday 20th March to Saturday 1st April at 87 Cameron Street Wauchope, shop and gallery open Monday to Saturday 10 am till 4 pm.


Wauchope Creative Hub


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