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Pilates Instructor Training launched at My Body My Pilates

My Body My Pilates in Tokyo, Japan is launching their world-class Pilates Instructor Training conducted in English and Chinese by their founder, Helen Zhang.

Helen Zhang made her Pilates dream come true in 2017 when she set up the studio to bring quality, professional Pilates classes to an international community in Tokyo. Now she has scaled yet another peak by launching the studio's Pilates Instructor Training Course. Helen went to California to train with Nora St. John, MS NCPT, Education Program Director of Balanced Body Inc. She is now a certified Balanced Body USA Master Pilates Trainer.

Nora St. John is one of the world's leading Pilates experts, having been trained by the very people who were taught by Joseph Pilates himself. These are the Pilates Elders, or First Generation Pilates instructors such as Romana Kryzanowska, Carola Trier, Eve Gentry, Ron Fletcher, Kathleen Stanford Grant, and Lolita San Miguel.

Watch Helen´s interview with Nora here:

Complete Curriculum that Fully Prepares Instructors

My Body My Pilates' Pilates Instructor Training Course is based on the Balanced Body curriculum where a strong foundation in the basics is key. Exercises are gradually built on it and respectful of the body's natural way of moving. All the exercises come together leading up to a whole body movement. There is a coherence and logic to the sequencing of the exercises.

The studio has been building a strong community of Pilates enthusiasts, and many of their clients are so excited about the changes to their bodies they want to come to Pilates every day! Having set a high standard of Pilates classes for clients, Helen wants to make sure the studio's Pilates Instructor Training Course sets a high bar. That is why she has chosen an in-depth and comprehensive training programme to ensure anyone who is committed to it will be fully prepared to handle any kind of Pilates class and can respond to each client's needs.

The course includes Movement Principles, Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Apparatus Pilates, 3D Anatomy and Comprehensive Pilates. People who are passionate about Pilates and feel the excitement of sharing Pilates with others will find this course really exciting. The course prepares future instructors to fully understand the uses of the different Pilates apparatus and how to plan exercises that can help clients achieve their goals in an efficient and safe way. Helen also wants instructors to go deep and know the body inside out. Knowing Movement Principles and Anatomy is necessary for any instructor to guide a client's body to progress.

Complete Support for Instructors

This is a program that truly takes care of instructors from start to end. Helen offers private mentoring sessions with instructors-in-training during the course. It's a great opportunity for instructors to really learn from Helen, and to get the help they need as they figure out their own personal roadmaps to becoming a Pilates instructor.

Helen herself has been through so many roles. She started Pilates as a solution to her chronic pain, so she understands the relief clients feel when they finally manage to find a pain-free way to move and live. She never stops training herself to learn as much as possible about Pilates, and this new Pilates Instructor Training Course is a testament to her commitment to sharing Pilates with people. She has set up her own studio from scratch, so she really has a 360º view of the entire Pilates industry.

A Rewarding Job

One can always ask, why become a Pilates Instructor? Ask any of Helen's instructors and you'll get similar answers. It feels really good knowing that your skills, experience and expertise can give clients the freedom to experience a pain-free way of moving, the confidence to stand taller and feel lighter and better, and at the end of the day, a healthy body allows one to live a happy, full life.

With this Pilates Instructor Training Course, instructors-to-be can feel confident, knowing that the knowledge they are receiving comes from a respected lineage of high quality instructors over the generations. And one day, they will be the ones to continue sharing their skills and knowledge with future generations to come.

Contact My Body My Pilates


〒106-0046 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Motoazabu, Tokyo, Japan

3 Chome−5−11 , 1/F Pilates Studio, Block C Majes Motoazbu Gardens, Tokyo, Japan

t: 080-7718-2544


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