Making Green Nickel Real with Blackstone Minerals Limited

Updated: Apr 13

✦ Scott Williamson, Managing Director of Blackstone Minerals Ltd (ASX:BSX) returns with bold vision to produce Green Nickel

There is much to be gleaned from Blackstone Mineral's Sustainability Report, and Scott Williamson is back to chat with Noel Ong, CEO of Samso about what this means for their Green Nickel story.

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Scott Williamson, Managing Director of Blackstone Minerals Ltd, Noel Ong, Samso, featured on Brilliant-Online

Blackstone makes bold statements and the release of their Sustainability Report is taking them a bolder step forward. They have already been telling the market that they are going to produce Green Nickel, and they are going to produce nickel products that adhere to world class ESG standards.

Our vision of sustainability is to produce high-value green nickel sulphate that provides opportunities for the community we operate in.

One cannot help but prick up one's ears on hearing this statement and it is clearly intriguing how they are going to do this. There is no room for second place - one would clearly have to go the whole mile with this.

The bold statement from Mr. Williamson and the Blackstone team is this - Blackstone is looking at Tier 1 standards, world leading practices and total transparency.

What makes Blackstone really stand out here is how they are making sure that the process of completing the Blackstone business in Vietnam is all about the people and the environment. The business will be complete only if there is participation and rewards from and for all stakeholders in the business model.

This is the undeniable, classic Blackstone passion that makes this company well worth looking into and following.

Blackstone's Green NIckel story is going to be about the creation of a totally responsible and sustainable business that is going to reap rewards beyond your typical mining nickel through to production model.

Blackstone Minerals will be at a level that will have a significant barrier to entry for competitors. Their first mover advantage will create a near impossible competitor edge which will be hard to overcome.

A metal use revolution storm is coming. Are you ready for this tsunami that is just brewing outside the shores of the EV Revolution?

Tune in to find out how Blackstone Minerals positions itself in the EV battery market in Vietnam.


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00:20 Introduction

00:59 Scott introduces the Sustainability Report.

02:25 Inspiration for Green Nickel process.

05:26 What was the feedback to understand Green Nickel?

07:13 How has the transparency of the story helped corporately?

10:48 Blockchain of Green Nickel Story.

13:21 How will pricing of Green Nickel work?

14:40 Will mining Green Nickel be cheaper in the future?

16:06 A major problem for No-Emission story.

19:42 Where is the strict No-Emission on the Blackstone Story coming from?

20:58 Are we over doing all this ESG - No Emission story?

22:41 How fast is the transformation to an Electric Mining Fleet?

24:44 Is the capital still favouring Green?

26:15 What are people saying about this report?

29:24 Scott