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Holistic Mind and Body, The Nutrition Network

The Nutrition Network founder Erin Miller, aims to mend the gap between knowing and doing, by teaching you how to have a healthy relationship with food, understand your health conditions and provides dietary and lifestyle advice individualised for you.

Erin is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) & Nutritionist. Her vast degree of nutritional knowledge spans over 14 years of clinical and community care, while working overseas and in Sydney.

The Nutrition Network is her home and she opens her doors to assist in improving your health while she guides and fully supports you on your journey. Her wellness programs focus on a wholefood approach with nutritional assessments, face to face consultations or online video calls.

Adult nutrition is her specialty using evidence-based practice to guide you through your journey and provide ongoing support after your consultation.

After making a sea change 18months ago from Sydney, Erin, her husband and young family have blended well into their Mid North Coast community.

The Nutrition Network clinic sits snuggly inside the walls of her family run business Plunge café, in Forster. Plunge cafe is a tribute to good food, good conversation and a healthy community that supports each other.

Passionate about health and wellbeing, Erin endeavours to provide individualised care and outcomes to each of her clients. Tailoring each health plan to the individual, understanding that everyone has different modalities of learning and adapting to change. While incorporating nutritional education, she also focuses readily on client’s lifestyle, mental health and encourages holistic facets to ensure an overall balanced health approach occurs.

Business consultation is additionally offered within The Nutrition Network. Does your business need a health kick? Erin offers generalised educational sessions to businesses with the objective to improve the health of staff and thus the health of the business. Focussing on immunity, gut health, energy balance and work productivity, she delivers direct and specified nutritional advice.

Various suggestions that Erin recommendations for improving your health and optimising your immunity include:

  • Eat regular meals and snacks

    • Aim to eat something wholesome every 3 hours.

    • This allows for a slower release of energy, which keeps your blood sugar levels more stable.

  • Have planned snacks and try to eat from a bowl or plate

    • You tend to overeat from a packet, as it removes the visual cues on how much you have consumed.

    • When you eat out, pick something wholesome and look for local produce like at Plunge café Forster. They source local ingredients from farmers and growers.

  • Take a look at your portions

    • Bigger the plate- the more you will eat!!

    • Use your hands as a guide for better portion control

      • A protein serve is no bigger or thicker than the palm of your hand.

      • A serve of fruit is the size of your fist when it is clenched.

Her monthly Health & Holistic seminars were established after acknowledging how beneficial her clients were responding from a multidisciplinary team approach. Erin recognised the paramount connection between different local health professionals, thus the foundation of a community health space was established.

Coming together, eating together, discussing different health topics and being educated by a health professional, is Erin’s ideal aspiration.

Each month, diverse practitioners undergo a seminar or workshop outlining their expertise, selecting distinctive topics to discuss.

Erin believes by developing a health ‘network’ ensures long term outcomes for clients, while providing a path for practitioners to cross-refer and consequently strengthening a clients healthcare journey.

Wellness is unquestionably in Erin’s blood, as she along with business partner Rebecca Hurtrel (Rebecca Hurtrel Wellness @rebecca_hurtrel) developed a boutique wellness business together.

Suivre Le Soleil Wellness meaning ‘follow the sun’ cultivates wellness events on the Barrington Coast. Their philosophy is to awaken your own inner sunshine, by guiding you to find your inner glow through movement, nutrition, meditation, connection, breath work and community.

Offering Rejuvenation & Winter Wellness Sanctuary’s, Soleil Wellness is a celebration of yoga, mindfulness, nutritional education, wholesome food (curated by @plungeforster), and reflection.

Check out @suivre_le_soleil_wellness for upcoming wellness events.

If you’re interested in improving your health or the health of your family, connect with Erin for a dietetic consultation.

All the power is from within and is therefore under our own control, let me help you take charge of your health.

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