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HEAVENS: A Boy and His Robot, a Singaporean movie 11 years in the making

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

✦ Fans of the mecha genre, get ready to eat your hearts out. Singapore's first live-action feature film is set to blast its way into cinemas in Japan this November!

Good things come to all those who wait. And fans of mecha are going to have the time of their lives come November 2023 when Heavens Entertainment will debut HEAVENS: The Boy and His Robot, a fully produced-in-Singapore movie ELEVEN YEARS in the making.

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Mecha is a genre of Japanese manga and anime that features or focuses on mechanical innovation e.g. robots and cyborgs. Some of you may recall from your childhoods Astro Boy, Mazinger Z or Gundam. Perhaps internationally-speaking, the clearest example would be Transformers. This line would surely take you way back - "Autobots, transform and roll out!"

HEAVENS: The Boy and His Robot is a fully Singaporean production, which is an amazing achievement for the Singaporean film industry, and one they should be rightly proud of.

A boy and his robot Singapore mecha movie |Brilliant-Online

What is the story about?

This is an action-adventure drama set against a backdrop of epic galactic warfare that follows the journey of a struggling young pilot, Kai, and his fighter mecha, Little Dragon.

Kai has a dream of joining the Mecha Corps to bring peace to a war-torn world. In spite of the focus on machines and technology, mecha has a strong human element to it, and the unique friendship between Kai and Little Dragon is one that will touch hearts.

The Man Behind The Movie

Rich Ho is the visionary behind this epic movie. When you look at how he is involved in this movie, you'd start to wonder if he is human or perhaps a highly innovative robot. Rich Ho serves as:

  • Producer

  • Director

  • Writer

  • Film Music Composer

  • Art Director

  • Set Designer

  • Director of Photography

  • co-Visual Effect Supervisor

Most people would have their hands full with just one role. It clearly shows his passion and dedication to this project.

“HEAVENS: The Boy and His Robot is a story to be enjoyed together with friends and family. Just as Kai, the film’s lead character, grows as he steps up to make a difference around him, and fights against a world that tells him how things are impossible, the making of this movie is very much 11 years of my own personal story. It is one I have made together with people whom I now consider my friends and family – people of very different cultures and backgrounds, but all walking together in the same direction towards a common vision of creating this story.” - Rich Ho, CEO of Heavens Entertainment.

Japan: Birthplace of Mecha

Japan was chosen for the world premier because it is the birthplace of the mecha genre.

Up-and-coming Elles Films will be distributing the movie in Japan and its production team is set to tap into a younger generation and keep the mecha fever going strong.

In Japan, the movie will be released as Mechaverse: Shōnen to Robotto. Top award-winning and popular Japanese voice actors such as Kenshô Ono and Hanae Natsuki, will be lending their voices to the characters. The theme song is composed by Japan's 2023 Grammy Awards winner Masanori Takumi and performed by popular girl group Chō Tokimeki Sendenbu.

For more information on the Japanese version of the film, visit the official website (Japanese only) here.

Watch the movie's trailer:

In Rich Ho's own words

"Since its inception in 2012, my vision for the film has been to embody true cultural diversity both on-screen and behind-the-scenes. This inclination likely stemmed from my upbringing in Singapore, a vibrant multi-cultural society that celebrated and embraced the richness of various cultures, backgrounds, and languages. Thus, I was thrilled to see this vision come to life as early as the Research and Development stage (2013-2015), with our partners and artists hailing from around the world, including the US, Japan, South Korea, China, and many others.

A boy and his robot Singapore mecha movie |Brilliant-Online

"When we officially entered production in 2016, our global collaboration extended to countries like Australia for editing and visual effects work, and New Zealand for numerous film shoots.

"As we worked together, food and jokes became the bonding agents that brought us closer, and the shared understanding of the movie's vision, along with the belief in its story, united us in a common direction.

"This bond proved to be valuable as we continued to work remotely on the post production across borders during the global pandemic lockdowns.

"I sincerely hope that the tale of our film, crafted by a diverse and multi-cultural cast and crew spanning multiple countries, will inspire others around the world to pursue similar ideals."

This is going to be one mega Brilliant Movie, and we can't wait to see The Boy and his Robot on the big screens! Get ready to dive into the Mechaverse!

About Heavens Entertainment

Founded in 2016, Heavens Entertainment, based in Singapore, manages the HEAVENS® entertainment franchise. With a global focus on wholesome entertainment, it utilizes innovative technology and collaboration to revolutionize the film industry. The HEAVENS® Universe, shaped by worldwide partnerships, aims to delight and inspire audiences through captivating stories. Expansion into new media platforms is underway, promising an immersive journey into the HEAVENS® Universe.


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