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Christmas in July on board the Rhythmboat!

Updated: Jun 13

✦ Experience an Aussie Winter Wonderland with Port AdVenture Cruises this July!

Christmas in Australia is hot, hot hot! Which is a strange image to conjure up when the very word 'Christmas' calls up the sounds of a crackling fireplace, the drifting snow outside the windows, and a cup of hot cocoa in your hands.

When Santa Claus visits Australia, he's clearly not packing his traditional white fur trimmed red suit! However, Australians have found a way not to miss out on a snowy Christmas by celebrating it in July as well!

How it started

It is said to have started in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales in the 80s. A group of Irish tourists who were travelling there were delighted to see snow on their summer trip, and they convinced a local hotel owner to hold a "Yulefest" party. This got other businesses interested and they started creating their own Christmas-themed events. Soon it spread across the country and has since become a well-loved tradition.

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Double the fun

Australians love to have fun, so they're up for having two Christmases in a year! July is wintertime in Australia, so celebrating Christmas then means they can snuggle up in thick blankets, tuck into a hot hearty roast and drink mulled wine! Let's face it, winter may be romantic but it can also be a rather dreary time with the cold and dark! Having a Christmas celebration helps to bring some festive cheer to the winter blues.

And when Christmas comes by in December, Australians hit the beach for a lovely barbecue and a bit of surfing after that!

How to enjoy Christmas in July

There are lots to do during this festival! Places like the Snowy Mountains are great for people who love skiing and snowboarding. Check out Yulefest in the Blue Mountains here. Restaurants typically serve traditional Christmas fare such as roast turkey, glazed ham, Christmas pudding. Towns and cities also host special events from markets to concerts. It's a great opportunity to support local businesses and talents.

And watch out for Santa! You may spot him on a surfboard out at sea, making appearances at events in bright cheerful shorts and sunnies!

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A Brilliant Christmas Cruise

Our favourite way to celebrate Christmas in July is to jump on board the Rhythmboat for a special cruise! Port AdVenture Cruises has an exciting Christmas in July Lunch Cruises where you can experience the magic of winter down under along the enchanting Hastings River. Enjoy festive cheer, exquisite dining and captivating entertainment! For three delightful hours, you are treated to a sumptuous buffet lunch, accompanied by an entertaining show and you are surrounded by the breathtaking backdrop of the river.

The cruise houses about 110 guests and has a licensed bar on board. Why not make this winter one to remember and join Port AdVenture Cruises for some thrilling festive magic!

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