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Capes are flying at the Children's Superhero Art Show at Wauchope Art Gallery!

✦ Wauchope Art Gallery received an incredible 265 entries for their Children's Superhero Art Competition.

Using crayons, paint or pencil, superheroes have been brought to life by the young artists in our communities! When Wauchope Art Gallery organised an art competition for children to explore their idea of a Superhero, they did not expect the response to be so enthusiastic! This definitely calls for more of such events in the future to give space to young budding artists to share their creativity.

The event was organised by Wauchope Art Gallery together with TG’s Childcare, Brilliant-Online and Wauchope Chamber. Winners will be announced this Saturday, 30th September. From the looks of it, the judges are going to have a really difficult time deciding on the winners!

Check out some of the amazing artwork that was submitted!

Kids Superhero Art Show Wauchope Art Gallery|Brilliant-Online

The children's artworks will be on display at Wauchope Art Gallery, Shop 1, 7 High St Wauchope from 26th to 30th September 2023, 8am to 6pm.

A very hearty Brilliant Congratulations to every single young artist who has shared their art work at this competition!

Come support our young artists and perhaps you'll be inspired to notice many more superheroes around you!


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