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Butter Boards are spreading across the world!

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

✦ We've heard of chess boards, surf boards, ironing boards and cheese boards. But butter boards? You read it right, butter boards!

The human imagination is incredibly fertile and we just love all the creative ideas people come up with. There is a viral food trend making waves on Instagram and Tik Tok, and it's all about #ButterBoards!

To create your own basic butter board, all you need is:

  1. a board

  2. softened butter

  3. chunks of yummy, toasted bread

  4. anything that your gastronomical imagination can think of!

Get ready to make your very own Butter Board as featured in Brilliant-Online
Get ready to make your very own Butter Board

You can use good ol' plain butter or you can spice it up with flavours such as bacon or lemon or even something fruity like apple. You can use your favourite type of bread, or play around with the flavours and create an interesting blend of tastes.

So before you start to tut-tut the idea as 'boring', take a tour on Instagram and Tik Tok and you'll see why everyone is crazy about it. Check out #butterboards and you'd find yourself hypnotically swiping through the images!

Yes, we love our butter and good quality bread but it's also all about the aesthetics and presentation. You can totally personalise your butter board and create your own unique recipe by ornamenting the butter board with a variety of ingredients. These can be sweet or savoury, so dribble honey, decorate with pretty edible flowers, add slices of cheese, sprinkle nuts or cuts of meat. Anything goes!

Make your butter board look pro

So what are some ways to make your butter board look Instagram-worthy and not look like a pile of leftovers?

The butter should be softened but not melted. You want the butter to be solid enough to stay on the board but soft enough to be easily spread on the bread. Think of the artists who do oil painting and have a little spatula they use to smear the oil paint on the canvas. The fun thing about butter boards is really its incredibly artistic, creative aspect. Your board is your canvas, and the butter is your first layer of paint. You can smear it, spread it and mould it to create little waves, swirls and peaks. This trend will really attract those who are chefs and artists at heart.

Next, the bread. You want to use crusty bread, not the soft sandwich type. The practical reason being it's just easier to hold the bread and spread on the butter, and the crusty texture plays off well with the soft butter. Bread lovers will be wild about this idea.

Textures are important, and you can add salt or grains to create interesting or surprising textures within the butter. The rest of the ornamental ingredients are also important to help create textures. You can throw in nuts for some crunch, edible flowers give it a softness and perhaps some cheese cubes for a bit of chewiness?

How do I eat it?

So now you have your butter board all done up and beautifully presented, how do you eat it?

If you're with a group of friends who would much rather keep everything as hygienic as possible, then it's best to provide each one with a little butter knife so they can scoop up the butter and spread it on their pieces of bread.

Or, you can simply use your bread to scoop up the butter directly! That's why you need to use toasted, chunky bread. The soft sandwich bread would just look too sad and limp on a butter board!

Butter boards make for a great appetiser. They are quick and easy to prepare and let's face it, we like pretty things, and butter boards are really gorgeous! What an impressive way to start a meal when you have guests over for dinner!

Healthy option - go vegan!

Butter lovers will be over the moon with butter boards, and there may also be some who are concerned about having that much butter at one go. Butter boards, like other food boards, are not meant for one person. It's a communal dish to be shared, so you won't pile on the calories unless you hog the entire board to yourself!

As November is Vegan Month, butter boards are a great way to go vegan! The Vegan Society is the world's oldest vegan charity. They started in November 1944 and their founding members were the ones to first coin the word 'vegan'. Now we have November as World Vegan Month and it is celebrated around the world as a time to increase awareness of the vegan movement and encourage people to go vegan. Learn more about going vegan in Australia here.

Enjoy a world of vegan flavours. November is Vegan Month as featured in Brilliant-Online
Enjoy a world of vegan flavours (Photo: Bruna Branco, Unsplash)
To make your vegan butter board, you can get vegan butter instead of the normal one. There are so many options when it comes to fruits and vegetables that you can use to jazz up your vegan butter board.

Reading all this must be working up quite an appetite for you right now. We are certainly hungry just thinking about butter boards! So are you convinced enough about butter boards to take it on board? Unleash your creativity, create your own butter board, and share your ideas with us!


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