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Aboriginal Bush Beauty & Wellness

Updated: May 15, 2023

✦ Deb Munson is a proud Gomeroi woman from Coonabarabran who now lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW in Biripi country near Port Macquarie.

Having a background in hair and beauty spanning 38 years, Deb has extensive experience working with her sisters in beauty and wellbeing. Deb has frequently been called upon by her community to deliver workshops for youth targeting self-esteem, coming into womanhood, and standing in your power as a woman. Some of the settings include workshops at TAFE, jail, juvenile detention and NAIDOC gatherings.

As well as offering wellbeing workshops Deb also works alongside community groups which focus on promoting awareness in regards to mental health within workplaces.

Her business, Baagi Milaygiin Grandmother's Spirit provides a range of therapeutic bush beauty products made using Australian Native Bush Botanicals and natural plant-based ingredients.

Baagi Milaygiin means 'Grandmother's Spirit'

in Gamilaraay language.

Inspired by her Grandmother’s Spirits

Deb creates bush beauty products from healing knowledge handed down to her from her grandmothers Gomeroi Nana Leslie and Darug Nana Smith. This gift was also passed to Deb’s mother and her three daughters. She combines this with skills gained by completing a Certificate 3 in Bush Tucker Horticulture through TAFE.

“Nana Smith did say in the 70’s we have to keep our knowledge alive and go back to community base trading like our Old People did,” she told us. “I incorporate my products into modern ways to create my spa treatments that have healing properties.”

The Baagi Milaygiin range of naturally made Aboriginal Bush Beauty products stem from the beauty, truth and healing knowledge of a strong ancestral line. We acknowledge and pay respects to Deb's Mother, Nana Leslie a proud Gomeroi woman and Nana Smith a proud Dhurag woman.

Baagi Milaygiin is a proudly owned and operated Aboriginal brand creating ethically made, sustainable products from a range of native Australian ingredients. All products are beautifully created to make you feel nourished, nurtured and pampered.

Healing & Wellbeing

She has a holistic approach to her well-being and healing services offering workshops, corporate well-being and healing sessions.

The Beauty workshops empower women’s wellbeing with a focus on Indigenous women, helping to teach self care and create mental wellness. Using beauty products from the range made naturally from Australian Bush Tucker and Ochre, the wellness workshops are a mobile day spa. There is also an online option for groups over Zoom. All ages are catered for.

Corporate Wellbeing sessions assist community leaders in high pressure work environments to help alleviate mental stress through self care practices.

“We share knowledge and cultural practices in a modern way through food and skincare. The corporate workshops have a focus on enhancing mental wellness both within ourselves and within our workplaces,” Deb explained.

Healing sessions provide a range of natural healing services for holistic health and wellness, they provide different approaches for individuals and groups.

A relaxing re-balance, the sessions use selected products from the Baagi Milaygiin - Grandmothers Spirit skincare range.

“Our spiritual based practices are used to benefit the mind, body and soul. Using a combination of ancient healing techniques and remedies that have been passed down through generations," said Deb.

Signature treatment - the Touch Therapy Ritual

Using the guidance of her Elders and permission from the client, Deb will guide you through a touch therapy session.

Deb Munson is a healer and provides touch therapy ritual body treatments
Healing and Well-being Sessions

“With the use of healing hands, bush essence and smoke to heal and balance, the Touch therapy ritual will help eliminate toxins from the body,” Deb told us. “My words of gained knowledge bring your dreamtime to fruition. I can help you map your way with words of inspiration.”

Knowledge keeper

Providing demonstrations and product knowledge, Deb consistently hands down her gained knowledge and wisdom.

“This continues our dreamtime and makes our songlines stronger,” she said.

Aboriginal owned and operated, Australian Made locally on Biripi land from natural and organic ingredients, Environmentally Conscious, Ethically produced and sustainable - that is Baagi Milaygiin Grandmother's Spirit.


Deborah Munson

Ph: 0417 224 267

Baagi Milaygiin acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land both past, present and emerging.


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