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Five reasons why winter is magical on the Hastings River with Port AdVenture Cruises

Updated: Jul 6

✦ As nature settles quietly into winter, the Rhythmboat continues to sail majestically on the Hastings River, bringing you a different experience of their popular cruises.

Winter may be a time for hibernation for some animals and plants, but it's also when others come out to play. Port AdVenture Cruises is all geared up for their winter cruises, so you can enjoy a ride on the Hastings River any time of the year!

Port AdVenture Cruises brings you five reasons to enjoy cruising, even in winter!

Rhythmboat Port AdVenture Cruises | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

1) David Lazarus knows how to bring life to any party!

Tom "Cruise Director", David Lazarus, is simply the warmest and cheeriest person you could hope to meet. Hop on board and you'll experience his warm welcome that would make you wonder if you're in summer, and he's always ready to help everyone on board to settle in, get cosy and have an incredible time!

2) Warm and cosy inside the Rhythmboat

The Rhythmboat is fully enclosed, so you'll be all warm and toasty inside. Though we suspect many will be drawn to go out on deck on sunny winter afternoons just to have a closer experience of the nature all around!

Find out how the Rhythmboat got to Port Macquarie all the way from Sydney!

3) Celebrate Xmas in July

What if you could celebrate Christmas twice a year? That's what we do in Australia! Christmas in July is a well-loved tradition, where we get to experience the winter wonderland of Christmas and when December comes around we are just as happy to have a Christmas barbecue at the beach!

Jump on board the Rhythmboat this July and celebrate Christmas in July sailing on the Hastings River! Book your Xmas in July lunch cruise here.

Find out why the Rhythmboat is such a beloved element in our community!

Experience the beauty of the Hastings River in all its winter glory and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Port AdVenture Cruises Xmas in July lunch cruise | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

4) The dolphins don't go on holiday in winter!

One of the highlights of our cruises is clearly the dolphins. They are an absolute delight when our guests spot them swimming alongside the Rhythmboat. And the dolphins have made the Hastings River part of their home so they don't disappear just because it's winter! Just imagine the fresh smell of the water, the crispiness of winter air on your face, the gorgeous kaleidoscopic colours of the sunset that change every second, mouthwatering delights to tickle your tastebuds and seeing a school of dolphins come by to say hi! What could be more delightful?

Dolphins and the Rhythmboat | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online
The dolphins still love to play in winter!

5) There's a cruise for everyone

There is something for everyone at Port AdVenture Cruises. For the young at heart who really know how to live it up, book a Seniors and Retirees Big Day Out, and those who love live music will enjoy the Live Music Sessions on Sundays! Check out the cruises here.

Make some magical memories this winter and sail with Port AdVenture Cruises.


David Lazarus & Elsa Barbosa

t/ 0417 681 031 or 0434 393 199


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