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38th Annual Wauchope Lasiandra Festival

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

✦ MARK YOUR CALENDAR - The 38th Annual Wauchope Lasiandra Festival will be back in March, 2022!

Preparations are underway for a variety of events to coincide with the 38th Wauchope Lasiandra Festival. Last held in March, 2020 when all came to a sudden halt mid-festival due to the onset of COVID-19, the stage is set for festivities to resume in March 2022.

Expressions of interest are being received from Community Groups and schools all keen to be involved in the festival program. Some events will be a Family Fun Day at the Yippen Creek Mini Railway, a Bike Night hosted by Motorcycle Friendly Wauchope, a Purple Inspired Art Exhibition at Wauchope Creative Hub and of course back by popular demand - Purple People Shopping and Market Day on Thursday March 10 will see the Wauchope CBD a hive of activity. Art and Craft market stalls will be dotted about the town centre and there will be Purple People Day specials from participating shops.

The Lasiandra Festival Committee encourages all business owners to get into the purple theme by decorating their shop windows and premises AND dressing up your staff! Prizes will be on offer for the Purple Best.

If you would like to be involved contact the committee via their Facebook page.

History of The Wauchope Lasiandra Festival

The Wauchope Lasiandra Festival was the brainchild of three Wauchope men - Gordon Rogers, Jack Dwyer and Noel Dunn. They envisioned a floral festival to promote the Wauchope area and set about placing plantings about the town. The Lasiandra was adopted by the town in 1982 as the town's floral emblem.

The first Lasiandra Festival was held in 1984 and it has continued annually since then, always taking place from the second Saturday in March to coincide with the floral spectacular of the lasiandra in bloom.

The festival is run entirely by volunteers and proceeds from the festival are used for the promotion and beautification of Wauchope.

Improvements to Lasiandra Park are a fine example of the benefits that the Festival brings to the town. With help from Port Macquarie-Hastings Council and the Department of Sport and Recreation, Festival profits have been used to build a barbecue area, shelters, amenities block, a children's playground and a gazebo.

Aims and Objectives of the Wauchope Lasiandra Festival:

  • To promote Wauchope and the Lasiandra as Wauchope’s Floral Emblem

  • To encourage the plantings and maintenance of Lasiandras in our community

  • By our actions, support the various groups and organisations in our community

  • To remain a non-profit organisation

  • To promote and organise an annual Festival

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