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19 years young - the Micro Business Network is the home of the entrepreneur

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

✦ What’s one of the biggest differences when you own your own business compared to working for someone else? A sense of pride from building something of your own.

Micro Business Forum Members appreciate both the opportunities and the issues which micro business owners come across day to day. Their mission is to assist, support and encourage as you grow your business.

The first business get together was in 2003 and they called themselves the “Home of the Business Hub." Five years later, on February 8, 2008, the group changed the name to the “Home Business Forum" (HBF). Over the years, memberships broadened to include micro business owners and the self employed, so HBF was renamed as the "Micro Business Forum" or MBF on February 22, 2013.

Membership comprises a diverse cross section of innovative, creative and business savvy businesses offering products and services that contribute to the prosperity of the Port Macquarie Hastings region.

Forum members understand the importance of taking time away from the daily routine to work on your business rather than in the business. Meetings are always enjoyable and informative. Deeper learning workshops and coffee connects provide an opportunity to provide support, networking and learning activities.

MBF’s main aim is to always offer opportunities to explore business ideas, learn from subject-matter experts and speakers, create worthwhile business alliances, share insights, build relationships and most importantly - have fun!

Check out their website and RSVP to attend the next meeting. Be assured, you will be made welcome.



Post: P.O. Box 9339, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444

One business woman that has been there from the start back in 2003 is Lyn Richardson from Rosewood Environmental Services

Lyn lives in Wauchope, is married, has 2 beautiful daughters and 2 gorgeous grandchildren. She is a Geotechnical Consultant working on the NSW Mid North Coast for the past 25 years, 21 of those operating her own business, Rosewood Environmental Services.

The business designs Wastewater Treatment systems, specialising in conventional and non-conventional systems in unsewered areas and Site Classifications. What’s that you may ask? Lyn told us, “ Basically, it's testing the soil under buildings, to provide Engineers with the specific soil conditions so they can accurately design footings for those buildings.”

Clients are mainly property owners, planners, builders, plumbers, engineers, draftspersons and architects to name a few.

A family business that has grown from trust

Lyn credits not just the building boom on the Mid North Coast for her business longevity and growth, but also word of mouth recommendation. “ People know they can trust us to provide excellent, reliable service. It is a wonderful feeling when a client refers us to their clients, family and friends.” she told us.

An MBF Member for 19 Years

Lyn has been a member of the Micro Business Forum from its inception. She told us that the network has been a big part of her business growth.

“MBF has given me backup and the confidence to run a business. I have also made many good friends over the years from this group. It is said they are the friendliest network in the Hastings and that is very true! “

Initially she joined the network as she was in the NEIS program starting her business and needed to learn about the other factors of business, not just what she was qualified to do. She sought information like tax, customer interaction, marketing/advertising and keeping up to date with technology. Following her investigation into MBF she found the network had it all.

So she joined, and has remained in the forum ever since for the same reasons she joined. Lyn told us, “ You never stop learning and keeping up to date with the changing ways of running a business is important.”

“The guest speakers are always highly experienced in the areas they are presenting and extremely generous in sharing their tips and tricks. The interactive sessions and deeper learning workshops are professionally run and are really fun, being a great way to get to meet the other people in the group.

Growth and the Importance of Networking

Lyn told us MBF has grown over the time from being supported initially by the Community College to becoming a not-for-profit incorporated entity run by volunteers who are dedicated to helping other home, micro and small business owners to grow their businesses.

“ I have constantly seen the selfless sharing of valuable knowledge throughout the years and it still amazes me of how fortunate we are in the Hastings area to have the opportunity to access this talent amongst us.”

The committee works endlessly to provide members with regular events such as meetings on the 1st Friday morning of every second month that includes a guest speaker and the interactive sessions; Deeper learning workshops every 3rd Wednesday evening of every second month and a free coffee connect on every 2nd Thursday morning of each month at various cafes to get to know the members of the network in a social setting.

Why is it important to join a business network and how does it help leverage your business?

We asked Lyn the above question, her answer, “ When in a micro/home or small business you are often by yourself and have no one to learn from and network with. It is an essential part of business to learn all aspects of running a business and at the MBF meetings everything can be provided as well as support to gain confidence in yourself and develop your business to aid you to become successful.”

“Joining this business network has helped my business to be successful by giving me the confidence to push on as I have others to draw guidance from and I am not alone. The wealth of experience and knowledge that is within the MBF is amazing and I am extremely grateful to all those that have contributed to me being able to keep going through hard times and come out the other end. I am very proud to be part of the MBF and feel I am able to give back what I have learnt over the years to fellow members.”


Micro Business Forum

m/ 0407 779 828

Lyn Richardson

Rosewood Environmental Services

m/ 0428 85 3143


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