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Updated: Oct 11, 2023

✦ Look out ladies, the hunks from Sydney Hotshots are back to sizzle and seduce for one night only with a brand-new killer show at Comboyne Ex-Servicemen's Club on Saturday 28th October.

The two-hour production is a visual feast, choreographed and developed by Australia’s leading professionals. The hand-picked selection of dreamy guys will have the ladies up from their chairs, screaming for more, night after night! With a totally interactive production, The Secret Fantasies Tour is the perfect night out with the girls!

The Sydney Hot Shots will be performing at Comboyne Ex-Servicemens Club
Get up close and personal with the Sydney Hot Shots!

A high energy production, the shows boast the perfect mix of killer dance routines, eye- catching costumes, acrobatics and jaw dropping athletic male physiques.

The smorgasbord of sexy guys are selected from 100’s of men nationwide and put though an intensive “Hotshots Bootcamp”, all graduating with an A+ in hip thrusting!

The fellas come from various backgrounds, from tradies, cops, farmers and even fireman to tour Australia and entertain the ladies!

Hosted by seasoned professional Paul Reynolds (original cast member of Manpower Australia and Las Vegas headliner), Reynold’s showmanship and cheeky banter with his audiences makes for an extra entertaining evening. It’s the most fun a girl can have standing up!

The Sydney Hotshots have graced television screens, appearing on Studio 10, Sunrise, AGT and Good Morning New Zealand only to name a few, as well countless radio interviews and newspaper articles/interviews.

Show Details

Comboyne Ex Serviceman’s Club

Saturday 28th October 2023


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