Optex Reveals Limited Edition Spring 2021 Colours for Eyewear

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Spring 2021 eyewear fashion statement

Our trends point towards designs that are bolder, edgy or confidently oversized. Retro aviators and cat-eye frames will still stay and are given the contemporary make-over with either translucent metallics or multi-coloured frames.

We asked Optex about their Spring 2021 eyewear colours.

Optex eyewear is lovingly handcrafted in Australia, and always with a quality professional touch. Their Spring colours radiate excitement and adventure under our homeland Australia’s exhilarating blue skies, oceans, open spaces and generous sunshine.

This year Optex Australia works with renowned manufacturers to bring private labels a stunning range of uniquely handcrafted bio-acetates.

"We have developed an exciting range of pearl colours in partnership with our international artisans. These colours are being released as a limited edition range that includes Marble Rain, Nordic Champagne, Sandy Rise, Pacific Earth and Vera Rose.", says Greg French at Optex Australia.

Striking Silvers

Optex's 2021 bio-acetate colours have a striking silvers range with a space-age feel.

Marble Rain has exciting specks of gold with a creamy earth tone. Finished with a hypnotic marble effect, it makes one's gaze linger ...

Book this Marble Rain coloured bio-acetate

Nordic Champagne stands out with its ability to exude different qualities - modern, elegant, quirky or even retro.

Book this Nordic Champagne coloured bio-acetate

Beaches and Oceans of Australia

Optex wants its 2021 acetate colours to reflect the sandy beaches and vast blue oceans of Australia. Wear the feel of Sandy Rise and Pacific Earth.

Sandy Rise will remind you of the warm, beautiful beaches of Port Macquarie where our factory is. The different tones of the sand are rich and give the design quite a body.

Book Sandy Rise coloured bio-acetate

Pacific Earth is a mix of the mysterious opal and the mesmerising colours of the ocean.

Book Pacific Earth coloured bio-acetate

Red, Red Rose

Another special highlight to round off the range is their intoxicating Vera Rose. Vera Rose like the others is made of high-quality, handcrafted bio- acetates. If you need that extra punch, add Vera Rose to your bold collection.

Book Vera Rose coloured bio-acetate.

What are Bio-Acetates?

Optex has sustainability practices that are valuable to our physical environment. Their eyewear frames are made with bio-acetates also know as cellulose acetates, which are plant-based materials.

Acetate is made up of a (bio) polymer derived from wood (tree) pulp and/or natural cotton fibers. For fashionable spectacles, Optex prefers bio-acetates because the material:

  • does not harm the environment

  • is made from renewable materials

  • is hypoallergenic

  • come in all colours of the rainbow

  • can be made beautifully transparent

  • are high-grade, highly unique versions that are fit adjustable by opticians

  • are known for their lightweight thin constructions and strength

  • remain flexible with glass-like clarity.

  • boast the widest range of finis