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When it comes to taking Brilliant photos, the Skye is the limit! With a background in Community Services and Early Childhood Education and Care, Skye Davis brings a beautiful human and compassionate touch to view stories through her camera lens. Having seen and heard many different stories of life, Skye is adept at capturing the authentic essence and magic of people and moments. 


Our Brilliant clients have experienced the warmth and genuine curiosity of Skye’s craft to capture the very message of who they are and the difference they are making to their communities as they share their skills and experiences.


Skye’s life and work mantra is “love, passion, motivation, a support network and one step at a time”. It’s all about taking little steps confidently and consistently. 


Photography is about the magic in capturing images, in grasping that one moment in time that will never happen again. Each ephemeral moment Skye captures inspires her to take more. Her skill is in capturing the authentic moment, in natural lighting and also being able to adapt to different photography styles and presenting the ‘personality’ of the image. 


Skye brings her photographer’s eye and her special knack for finding something special in each moment and presenting the story of this moment. Skye’s subjects have felt the magic when they see what she has produced. 


Skye hopes to continue using her craft and art to help people be connected to each other, to empower each person or business’ story and appreciation of all that they are. Skye brings more than a buzz of joy to all those who come into contact with her photographic vision. 

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