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Originally from Ngāti Hangarau in Tauranga, New Zealand, Selena has always been an ardent supporter of small businesses. 


With a strong work ethic which she gained from working from the ground up in orchards and the hospitality sector, Selena has put her passion and skills to the benefit of her communities. She created multiple small businesses that she believed would be recession-proof and achievable for families in rural areas to replicate during times of economic uncertainty, including a mobile auction house, a garage sale shop, a second hand warehouse, an antiques store and an online second-hand marketplace sales service before handing over to the new owner, operational as one multibusiness model.


A fun fact about Selena is she was the youngest agency owner of the Ultiqa Lifestyle Resorts group in Australasia. And now she brings her Brilliant drive and enthusiasm to our Brilliant team! 


As Brilliant-Online’s Sales Executive, Selena is fully committed to advocating technology to improve business visibility and searchability. For Selena, the best part of her job is direct communication with business owners who are actively looking to boost their businesses, who want to try new ideas and are eager to be innovative. 


Profitability is key for small business owners to ensure sustainable business growth and to spread their business message and purpose. Selena believes that having a strong online sales and digital marketing system is the driving force to help small business owners capitalise on income streams for growth. That is why investing in digital PR is one of Selena’s passions and she brings a fresh energy to helping businesses see the fun and creative ways they can leverage technology to speak directly to their target audience any time, from anywhere. 


In Selena’s spare time, you’ll often find Selena outside at home in rural NSW or deep diving into Youtube to learn about Entrepreneurship and Generative AI, dreaming about becoming a Hobbyist Experiential AI Artist! Speak to Selena if you have doubts about technology and innovation, and you may well find yourself getting excited by her infectious joy in technological advances!  

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