Meet Lea Bailey, Midwife, Registered Nurse and Calmbirth® Practitioner

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Living an alternate lifestyle on the Mid North Coast for the past 25 years, Lea grows her own vegetables, raises animals and loves riding her horse through the mountain trails surrounding her hinterland paradise.

Preferring to do all things as natural as possible in her home life, she is less medicalised in her work ethic. She brings her holistic approach to her Calmbirth® practices, educating women and their partners to be more appreciative of the natural birthing and parenting process.

In her role as a midwife for the past 23 years she has worked in all areas of the maternity unit at Port Base Hospital, specialising in neonatal intensive care.

Lea is highly qualified to look after pregnant women and their family throughout the entire process, from prenatal to postnatal and everything in between, the birthing process, breastfeeding and lactation bonding.

Specialising privately with Calmbirth®, she is passionate about teaching women to understand their bodies, how to work with the birthing process through labour as opposed to against it, and to be healthier and more active when pregnant. Being active during pregnancy helps the new mum-to-be mentally, emotionally and physically.

Believing that the postnatal period tends to be forgotten (a little bit nowadays), Lea provides support and understanding around breastfeeding and lactation.

Lea says that one thing she has noticed throughout her career is that the birthing process has become more medicalised. There seems to be more testing and monitoring of pregnant mothers, but having said that, she acknowledged that women in this geographic pocket on the Mid North Coast are now showing more health risks - for example, an increase in weight related problems, and, as they are less active, blood pressure issues and diabetes are starting to be more prominent.

This has changed the midwifery mindset. Tending to lean more to a normal birth and pregnancy in the past, now midwives have had to become a little more medicalised in their thinking.

A country girl at heart, Lea was raised in Sydney near bush land and the northern beaches. Her family is from Moree. Lea later trained in Sydney to be a registered nurse, finding employment in tertiary hospitals for three years before moving on to work full time in various hospitals around the city. Wanting to work closely with women and their families, Lea studied further and became an eligible midwife.

The country life beckoned, however, as she wanted her own piece of our beautiful country and also wanted to provide a service on the Mid North Coast, so she opened a private room in Taree where she practised Calmbirth®.

Many beautiful outcomes have been achieved by having a collaborative approach and continuity of care with her ladies and their partners. Many have returned for their 2nd and 3rd child’s birthing and postnatal care. Lea has become well known in the community for her personable, holistic service.

An increase of around 40% in Caesarean Section births has seen women coming to her trying for a normal birth, this is called a VBAC. This is a short way of saying that you have had a prior Caesar and you’d like to attempt to have a normal birth. Lea provides a healing component around education about giving a normal birth a good shot again with a different frame of mind.

The main reason for Lea to learn the Calmbirth® way and offer it on the Mid North Coast was to provide a choice of service and education. Calmbirth® teaches the mother how to drive up more oxytocin which is secreted from the anterior pituitary gland in the brain - this is done via the proper breathing and relaxing methods which are the crux of the birthing process. The main aim is to create a relaxed, bonded couple that understands the processes of birth and beyond.

Not solely about the Mother, the Father is important too!

Calmbirth® is about bringing the mother and father together and bonding them as a male and female. Education is the key to a Calmbirth®, and, as he or she will remember things differently, they can share the knowledge that they learn when the time comes.