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Help raise funds for new Angel Flight jet

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

✦ A national lottery has been launched to help iconic Australian charity, Angel Flight purchase a new jet that will operate throughout regional NSW to help people in medical need.

The Your Jet Life lottery gives people a chance to win their own private plane and support the outstanding work of Angel Flight.

The lottery aims to raise a minimum of $2.5 million for Angel Flight and offers a first prize package, including a private plane, to the winner totalling value of over $3 million and ALL expenses covered for the first 12months.

Win this 2023 Cirrus G6 SR22 Single Engine Aircraft Rego VH-8AF | Angel Flight as featured in Brilliant-Online

Win this aircraft 2023 Cirrus G6 SR22 Single Engine Aircraft Rego VH-8AF worth US$1,018,800+GST plus other prize components totalling A$3,470,000.00

Angel Flight CEO Marjorie Pagani said the lottery was “the first of its kind in Australia.”

“The lottery is designed to raise funds for the purchase of Angel Flight’s first small jet that will operate throughout NSW to transport health professionals and students for placements in rural communities,” Ms Pagani said.

Win your own Cirrus plane in support of Angel Flight as featured in Brilliant-Online

Draw 001 closes Wednesday, 14 June 2023 at 10:00pm AEST. Buy tickets now

“For too many regional communities, access to much-needed health care is out of reach, that’s why we will use our aircraft to bring the medical experts to them. This service will work to alleviate the problems rural and remote patients have in trying to access care in Sydney."

“This has been exacerbated during the COVID pandemic and recent flood events where Angel Flight has been able to deliver doctors to communities where there have been no medical services of any kind for months.”

The event will also raise awareness for the aviation industry, and the social good it provides, particularly in communities outside our big cities.

“Your postcode shouldn’t determine your access to basic services, like health care, but too often for regional and remote communities, this is exactly what happens,” Ms Pagani said. “That’s why the aviation industry is so important to these towns, it is a lifeline that helps bridge the gap between city and country.”

Angel Flight has been operating since 2003 to coordinate non-emergency medical flights for rural and remote Australians so they can receive specialist medical treatment that is not available locally.

Angel Flight also provides free transport for goods, and people, into areas affected by floods, fire and any natural disasters; and transports health professionals in all categories (including student placements) to rural and remote communities ensuring hospitals and remote clinics are not left without medical services.

The charity has also recently partnered with the national Ochre Medical Group to assist health professionals to service remote towns which have been cut off by flooding.

Ms Pagani said: “Since 2003, Angel Flight has supported more than 100,000 rural and remote Australians at no cost to them or the government. Our pilots have made in excess of 57,000 flights, covering over 25 million kilometres from more than 300 regional airfields into all capital and major coastal cities.

“Angel Flight is already providing this free service but cannot expand the services to fully meet the needs of people living in regional and rural NSW, without further investment.

Ms Pagani said Angel Flight data showed the service would be able to save 5,000 “Doctor days” each year with an average of 20 patients a day – delivering a benefit to patients and the hospital care system and travel for people living in regional, rural and remote NSW.

To enter the lottery, tickets are on sale Your Jet Life

To find out more about Angel Flight, visit

Watch the launch on Channel 7 Sunrise


Angel Flight Australia Phone: 07 3620 8300 Toll free: 1300 726 567 Email:



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