Chasing for Copper and Gold with Cooper Metals Limited (ASX: CPM)

Ian Warland, Managing Director of Cooper Metals Limited (ASX: CPM) brings us a mineral exploration story.

Cooper Metals Limited (ASX:CPM) is looking at the bright beginning of a copper discovery process. The recent interest in the Mt Isa region is set for exploration activities that are slowly taking shape.

Managing Director, Ian Warland shares the concepts of the Cooper Metals story with Noel Ong, CEO of Samso.

An exploration geologist with more than three decades of experience, Mr. Warland gives an in-depth update on what is happening with the company´s Australian projects - Mt Isa East, Queensland and the Gooroo Gold project in Western Australia.

As Cooper Metals continues to prepare for more exploration activities, investors may want to roll up their sleeves and get into some serious DYOR.

For now, Cooper Metals may have a fairly low market capitalisation, it is still worth following the story here and contacting Mr. Warland to get to know the company better.

Listen to Ian Warland here:


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:02 Ian Warland introduces Cooper Metals Limited.

01:31 Quick run down on the RC program at King Solomon and Python.

04:27 The significance of the ground proofing.

04:54 Difference between EM and Fixed EM Loop.

06:25 The evolution of Geophysics in exploring for Base Metals.

07:42 Importance of modern technology advances like Geophysics.

09:15 Geophysics saving exploration expenditure.

09:41 Gooroo project.

12:07 Geophysical targeting.

12:33 Market expectations.

13:27 Current market flow.

14:34 Conclusion

About Ian Warland

Managing Director

A highly experienced and successful geologist with 25 years’ experience in Australia and internationally over a wide range of commodities. Notably, a career highlight was being joint recipient for “Explorer of the Year” in 2006 for the discovery of the Jacinth and Ambrosia zircon-rich mineral sand deposits.

Ian holds a Bachelor of Applied Science Geology with First Class Honours and university medal from the University of Technology Sydney. He also has a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment and an Associate Diploma in Environmental Control.

In the last ten years Ian has worked primarily in the junior exploration sector as a geological consultant and in senior management positions for Musgrave Minerals and Marmota. After leading Twenty Seven Co Ltd as their CEO for the last three years, Ian is now Managing Director of Cooper Metals.

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