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Biggest Morning Tea @ The Hub

Updated: May 10, 2022

Wauchope Creative Hub is much more than a place full of amazing arts and crafts, it’s a community of creative people and they loved the opportunity to gather and meet new friends by hosting an “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea”

Aside from being a great cause, The Biggest Morning Tea was also an opportunity for Hub customers to meet a lot of the creative “Hubstars” and maybe even get inspired to find a new creative pursuit.

Marlene and Leanne enjoyed a cuppa and a chat as featured in Brilliant-Online
Marlene and Leanne enjoyed a cuppa and a chat

“Cancer touches so many of our lives, we really loved the ability to get together on this fun day and raise some funds, every little bit helps and we are really proud to join the cause,” said Stu Doherty.

GoNutz Donuts and WrapOff were kept busy throughout the morning serving up delicious home baked delights and beverages, Kelly Guthrie kept supporters entertained with her musical renditions and Hubstars were also kept busy attending to the many customers on the day.

Overall, a fantastic fundraiser for a fantastic cause. Well done Wauchope Creative Hub.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea is a community event that raises vital funds to make a big difference for those impacted by cancer

It’s easy to be a host, you register on their website,

and they will help you with everything you need to make things easy-teasy!

The official day is Thursday 19th May, 2022, but you can host anytime that suits you in May or June. Once your date is set, start planning your tea and send out your invites.

You’ll find heaps of resources in your online fundraising hub once you register, that make everything easy no matter what kind of morning tea you choose.

Have a tea-riffic time knowing that every cuppa will make a difference to those impacted by cancer, that’s sure to make your morning tea a tea-riffic time!

Remember - if you are hosting a morning tea in person to always check your state or territory’s current social distancing guidelines to ensure a safe and fun Biggest Morning Tea. Or you can choose to host virtually – it’s up to you!

Hubstars Karmel Janelle Karen and Gretchen volunteered on the day as featured in Brilliant-Online
Hubstars Karmel, Janelle, Karen and Gretchen volunteered on the day


$150 provides transport and a night's stay at a local Cancer Council Lodge for people who need to travel for vital cancer treatment.

$510 helps provide training to leaders of cancer support groups so they can offer emotional and practical support to those impacted by cancer.

$1000 helps develop a blood test to monitor a patient’s individual response to cancer treatment.

Research: Investment in research has helped increase survival rates from 49% in the 1980s to 69% today.

Support: Around 150,000 Australians are diagnosed with cancer each year, meaning there are many families who need practical information and support.

Prevention: Supporters are helping Australians reduce their cancer risk by funding world-leading prevention campaigns.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea had 20,030 morning tea hosts right across the country last year and raised over $10.6 million for people impacted by cancer.

Every single dollar raised makes such a life-changing difference in funding vital cancer research, prevention programs and support services for cancer patients and their families.

If you hosted a morning a tea like Wauchope Creative Hub, or attended one and made a donation, thank you, as Stu said, “every dollar counts.”

  Mogra Connection flowers and happy shoppers at Wauchope Creative Hub as featured in Brilliant-Online
Mogra Connection flowers and happy shoppers at Wauchope Creative Hub


Wauchope Creative Hub

87 Cameron Street, Wauchope, NSW 2446


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